Sunday, March 05, 2006

I'm excited!!

Yarn, yarn, yarn!..LOL

I'm going to knit Odessa, but I'm not going to use any beads. I going to use Knitpicks Elegance in Lilac, it's a baby alpaca and silk blend. I also have plans on knitting 2 more Summer Swing Tops. One for my Hannah and one for my niece Laney. For the Summer Swing Tops, I placed my very first order with Webs! I ordered some Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece in Victorian Pink and Lilac Haze. I also ordered the needles that I need to knit Odessa. The other project I'm going to do is Starsky from knitty. I am going to use Knitpicks Sierra, but I am debating between mist and cinnamon for the colors. What do you think about those colors?

My knitting pace has slowed considerably lately. I've been a little down in the dumps, and when I get that way, it becomes really difficult to pick up my needles. Dh and I have made our way through hard times before, and I am confident we will make it through this as well. I have to believe we will. I think Dh and I are making very slow progress, but at any pace progress is progress and progress is good. I'm not much of one to type about my feelings and problems, so I cant type more than this on here. It's too hard to put it all into words, and I'm afraid if I let it all start flowing through my fingertips, then I will just say a lot of hurtful things to/about some people that I love. Besides, MIL reads here sometimes so I don't want to get too bitchy...LOL

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