Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Like sock yarn, leftover birthday cupcakes don't count.

Monday the 28th, my oldest turned ten years old. I still can't believe it. Part of me feels like it's about damn time, and yet another part of me is weeping because my first baby is now in double digits. Plus, I'm a bit sad because before long, that little booger is going to be taller than me. Now, I'm barely 5'2", so becoming taller than me is no major feat for most, but when your oldest kid is up to your chin, you can't help but to look over at him and wonder "when the fuck did you get so damn tall?!?" He'll begin to hit puberty soon, and I can't help but to watch in amazement and think I'm too young for this shit. At least, I get to eat the leftover birthday cupcakes. They're Devils Food....yum

Also, I thought I should share a picture of the finished Ellington Sock (pattern now available on
I followed some of the instructions written in the pattern for altering the sock to make the leg 12 rows shorter, and I also started the sock using one needle size up from gauge to make the top ribbing looser, because I had some issues with the twisted ribbing being a bit too tight on my massive calves of DOOM. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE this sock. I know I say that all the time, but hey, that's the norm for sock addicts. I'm completely obsessed with Cookie A's patterns. I want to lick her mind (and if you can guess the show that quote is from(though it's 'your' not 'her' in the quote), I'll love you forever and send you virtual smooches). I have the second sock for the Ellington pair started, but it's been moved to the back burner so I can concentrate my efforts on working on a very special sweater for a very special little girl.

That special little sweater, is this DROPS pattern, and I'm making it for my Cousin's little girl who is turning one in a few weeks. I'm making it with different colors, and I'm using Knitpicks Comfy sport yarn. I'll share some pics of it when I get further along.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Ellington, Vivian, and 9 to 5

I'm test knitting again! This time, I'm testing the Ellington Pattern by Cookie A, and I'm going to play it safe and just show a progress picture of what I have so far, and not say anything about the pattern other than that I LOVE it :) I'll share more when the pattern is released, I know how you people love your details :p

I thought I'd also give you an update on some of my other WIP's I was working on before I started the test knit. Here's a pic of where I am on the Vivian sweater. I started this several months ago, but during the summer months I couldn't bring myself to work on it in that heat. Now seasons are changing and working on Vivian again just feels right. I have the body done and the left sleeve done. Next I have to knit the right sleeve, then connect all the pieces and knit the yoke and the hood, then sew in a zipper. I am still really enjoying the pattern and the yarn, and it's another one that makes me very happy that I know how to cable without a cable needle.

And, here we have yet another sock! I know, shocker, right? But anyway, the pattern for this one is 9 to 5. I'm shortening the leg of the sock significantly because I generally prefer shorter sock legs. The yarn for this one is Knitpicks Gloss Sock yarn in Cosmos.

Thursday, September 03, 2009

In which, I bitch....

In other words, this is a 'Fuck You' post....feel free to add your current 'fuck you's in the comments.

I know a lot of what I'm feeling right now could , at least in part, be blamed on PMS. I freely admit I'm in the midst of hormonal mood swings that turn me into a bitch unlike which has ever before been seen, but also can reduce me to a puddle of tears in less than a heartbeat. Mood swings like that are exhausting.

First off....FUCK YOU cancer!!!! I just got word yesterday that my Uncle Paul's cancer has returned. Doctors think it may have spread to his brain this time. I kind of fazed out when my Mom got into telling me the details, but things don't look good. Best case, He'll have another year with us, but if it is in his brain, it's more like 3 months. This just SUCKS. I'm not even close to that part of the family, but they're still family, I still love them, I'm still crying for them. I've already lost too many family members to cancer. Granted, it hasn't been many, but even one is way too many. It's really fucking hard to watch someone die of cancer. FUCK YOU CANCER!

Secondly.....FUCK YOU NEWS! This morning some woman died of the H1N1 virus. Yes, death is sad, but it happens and that's not what I'm pissed about. The News kept saying "A pregnant woman has died of the H1N1 virus"....then a few minutes later they said the woman delivered the baby several days ago. Hey, assholes, a pregnant woman DID NOT DIE. A woman who recently gave birth died. Saying "A pregnant woman has died of the H1N1 virus" implies that she was pregnant at the moment of death and that the baby died with her. I was on the verge of tears thinking about that baby's death. I don't deal well with infant death, and I certainly don't need any more emotional roller coasters right now, so FUCK YOU NEWS!

Third....FUCK YOU to my cold!!! More specifically, FUCK YOU to the parents who sent their sick kid to school last week. That kid gave it's cold to my kid, and my kid ever so generously shared that cold with everyone else in the house. Fucking lovely. Now I'm sitting here with absolutely zero energy, emotionally drained, snot dripping from my nose, and clogged up sinuses. Pretty picture, huh?

Can I crawl in bed now and ignore the world for a few days?