Sunday, October 30, 2005

What I'm working on

This pic is 8 of 9 projects I have going right now. The purple thing in the top left corner is the beginnings of a 7" x 9" crocheted rectangle for a blanket that Sybermoms Craft forum members are putting together. The purple/white/blue/green thing next to it is a raglan sweater I'm knitting for Hannah, using Bernat Cotton Tots. The Green sock at the top is sock #1 in the pair I'm knitting for my best friends Christmas present. I'm using the shadow Box pattern from Knit Socks! The project to the right of that sock is another hat for Hannah. I'm trying to make this one a little more difficult for her to pull off of her head. The pink under the hat is a baby blanket for my niece's Christmas present. I have been making progress on it, but it's slow going. The black in the middle is what I have so far of the socks I'm knitting for DH. These socks are the Classy Slip-Up pattern from Knit Socks! The Blue/purple on the left of DH's sock, is my very first attempt of knitting a sock on 2 circs. These socks are for me. I'm using Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sport yarn in Bucks Bar and the River Rapids Socks pattern from Sock Bug. And finally, the dark pink at the bottom is the beginnings of a Shedir(found in the Knitty special breast cancer awareness .pdf.) I Don't have anyone in mind to give this to, I just fell in love with the hat and I've been wanting to knit it for quite a while. The one project I have going that is not pictured is an Irish Hiking Scarf that I am knitting for BIL's Christmas present. It isn't pictured because I left it upstairs in my room and I don't feel like waiting for Hannah to wake up to go get it.

Monday, October 24, 2005

Hats for the Brats

My kids aren't really brats, (well, at least not ALL the but the title sounded cute. This past week I knit up 2 hats, one for each of my boys. The green hat I 'winged it', I saw a hat with a similar stitch pattern in a store a while ago, I let my 4 year old pick the colors, I decided on the striping as I went, and above is what we got. For the blue hat I followed a pattern in Stitch & Bitch, leaving off the devil horns/cat ears. I used Knitpicks Wool of the Andes for both hats, The green hat is Grass and Snickerdoodle, and the blue hat is Stream.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Needle Addiction

It would seem that my addiction has moved from yarn to needles. I went to hobby lobby earlier today and Just for the hell of it bought a set of size 4 Dpn's and a set of size 5's. I then went to my LYS and picked up two sets of size 3 circs (16" and 24") and a 16" size 7 circ. Then, I was just reading my email and I saw a free shipping code from so I just used it buying size 2 circs (16" and 24") and a 24" size 7 circ.

8 sets of Knitting needles. 1 Day. I have problems.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Finished mom's socks!

You can see some laddering on the right sock, but hopefully blocking will take care of that. But the knitting of mom's socks is FINISHED!!! Yippie!

I have two other pairs of socks in the works, Dh's and a pair for my best friend. Dh's are going to be slow going, and I need to loosen up on my tension because I have two small cuts on my right index finger from tightly holding and sliding the fingering weight yarn. Oops. I also still have the baby blanket (metal needles are not friends to my hands), a scarf for BIL, and hats for the kids working right now.

Saturday, October 08, 2005

I MUST be insane.

Seriously. I MUST be insane. What was I thinking when I decided to knit DH a pair of black socks with fingering weight sock yarn and size 1 needles? If nothing else, this is a refresher course in why I hate working with really dark colors. It's damn near impossible to see your stitches clearly! Especially, with these damn tiny needles.
However, I am starting to love this pattern. It's the Classy Slip-Up pattern in Betsy McCarthy's Knit Socks! book. I am using Knitpicks (of course) Essential yarn.

And, below, VOILA! Hannah's sweater is finished! Woo-Hoo!! I love how it turned out. The buttons are wood, handpainted DragonFly buttons that I found at JoAnn's, And I don't want to, but I'll admit to using cheap-o acrylic yarn. It's Carron, so at least it's a lot softer than that Red Heart stuff.

Monday, October 03, 2005

What I'm working on

Okay, here's what I've currently got in the works. The top pink is a baby blanket for my niece Morgan's Christmas Present. I'm using the Baby Fern Stitch dishcloth pattern from The Dishcloth Boutique. I haven't made much progress on it since my last current projects post. What can I say, I've been getting lazy about this blanket and I'm hoping that by posting about it again, I might feel the need to work on it more. You see that dark blue thing you can't see the detail of? Well, that's the beginings of an Irish Hiking Scarf that will be a Christmas present for my BIL, Ricky. It looks great, however that deep blue color just dosen't photograph very well. The project on dpn's with the self striping yarn is sock #2 in the pair I'm knitting for my Mom's Christmas present. And, finally, the cream colored sweater on the bottom, is a top down cardigan I'm knitting for Hannah. I need to finish the body and then I am planning on crocheting the button bands on. I can't decide on the buttons, though. I have these really pretty dragonfly buttons, and I have some round purple shell buttons. Both would be beautiful with this cream yarn.