Monday, September 20, 2010

Where to start...

Ugh! I can't believe I haven't posted a real update since March! It doesn't seem like it's been that long. I've been busy and SOOOOO MUCH has been going on.

What's happened since my last update? Well, on June 11th, my dissolution was finalized (*insert happy dance here*). Not even a full month after the dissolution was finalized, my ex-husband married the woman he cheated on me with. I admit it did sting at first, but now I just don't have any emotion or feeling towards him. I just can't muster it up to care. Apathy at it's finest.

I was going to move into an apartment located pretty close to where I was living, but that fell through. So, for now, at least, the kids and I are living with my parents. I love being this close to family, so I'm looking for a place closer to them (we were living 45 minutes away). It's a small town, but it's nice here. The kids love their new school. Speaking of which, Hannah (my youngest) started kindergarten this year! My baby is getting so big!

I've been loving my job. I'm working in a yarn shop, and it's wonderful! I do the mundane retail stuff, plus help customers with their knitting (which, no matter how frustrating, is always interesting), and I'm even teaching a class! Right now I'm teaching a class on how to cable without a cable needle. It's been a lot of fun.

Being a Mom and working at the shop has been keeping me pretty busy lately, and as a result of that I didn't knit much for a few months. However, in the past few weeks, I've been getting my knitting mojo back. Maybe the cooler weather has something to do with it, certainly my job has. Currently on the needles I have Reid, a sweater from for my cousins 2 yr old daughter. I'm using Hempathy for that and it's working up beautifully. I also just finished a Scarlet & Gray baby blanket & hat set for my best friend's little sister's first baby. They're Ohio State Buckeyes fans, so I figured I'd help get the baby ready for his first OSU

Sorry there's no pictures in this post. I know you guys like looking at projects, but for now you're out of luck. My camera died and my phone doesn't take very good pics. It'll probably be a while before I get a new camera, but, please! give me suggestions/recommendations! I don't know much about cameras, so educate me!

And, before I forget! On the weight loss front, I am extremely proud to say I've lost a grand total (so far) of 50 (yes, fifty!) pounds! I reached the 50 pound mark back in July, and I've been avoiding weighing myself lately. I've been slacking off on the hooping and I just know I haven't lost any more. But that's okay. I'm trying to get back into a routine with the hooping and those pounds will start melting off again! I started out weighing 232 and I'm down to 180.

Monday, August 09, 2010

I know, I know, I haven't updated in forever. I'm sorry about that. There's been A LOT going on lately. I'll write up a real post soon letting all of you in on what's been happening. I'm touched by the emails asking me where I've been & why haven't I updated. Everything is okay, I'm just busy doing what needs done. I promise I'll give you guys a real update as soon as I can :)

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Knitting content? really?

I know I'm sick of the personal drama, so I'm guessing you are too. But for those interested, everything is pretty fucking good right now. I have a job, I have the best friends anyone could ever ask for, and I have wonderful family. I feel better than I have in years, both physically and emotionally. Weight wise, I started out in January at 232 lbs. I'm now down to 210, and still losing. Emotionally, I feel free. I'm moving on, and I feel more positive than ever.

Now, since this *is* a knitting blog, how about we move on to the actual knitting content?

I dug through my UFO pile (decided that I have to finish a UFO or two before I can CO something with my DIC smooshy) and started working on the Ellington socks again. I'm not knitting on it as much as I should, so it's going slowly, But I'm almost to the half way point on the leg of the second sock.

I know what they say about good intentions, but I still have every intention to finish Vivian. I have the body section done, and one sleeve completely done, the second sleeve is mostly done, and then all that's left is the yoke, hood & sewing on the zipper. I haven't actually worked on it since December, but I hope to get back to it soon.

I'm also still (slowly) working on my entrelac blanket. It's about 14 inches in length right now, but like I said before, it's a long term project, and I work on it when I can.

I've reached a point with the UFO pile that it's either finish something or frog something, because I'm running out of needles for other

Thursday, February 25, 2010

You spin me right round, baby....

...right round, like a record baby, Right round round round...

oh, you're welcome for the earworm :)

Back in mid-January, I started hooping. I bought a 40 inch hula hoop from Nicehoops on, and was very quickly addicted. It's the most fun I have ever had working out. Mid-January is also when I started trying to lose weight, so not only did I start hooping, but I've cut out soda, and dramatically cut down the fast food (from 3 times a week to zero or one time a week). In that time, I've dropped 15 pounds. It's a wonderful feeling. Clothing that used to be snug and tight are now loose and baggy. Plus, I just simply feel better :)

It's getting to the point where I'm hooping more than I'm knitting. I love turning on some loud, fast-paced music and just playing with my hoop. It's good for centering me when I've had a bad day, and relaxing me when I've had a hectic day. And you know what? It's just plain fun.

btw- I'm still (slowly) working on the entrelac blanket. Right now it's living on my couch and I knit a few stitches here and there, but I knew it was a long-term project before I started it. I have learned something new on it though. I learned how to knit backwards, so I don't have to flip the whole project every ten stitches anymore...yay me :)

Saturday, February 20, 2010


Crap keeps happening, but I'm ignoring it. Nothing I can do to change it , and some of it I don't want to change. So, I choose to move past it. Easier said than done, but I'm doing it. AND, I'm getting my life put together.

I've been putting out resumes and job applications for the past month, and I finally got a bite. One of the resumes I sent out, I sent to my favorite LYS. I have a job interview with the LYS owner on Monday, March 1st. I'm hopeful, and this feels right, so wish me luck :)

Also, my 28th birthday is coming up soon! March 3rd! I love birthdays!

Friday, February 05, 2010

I am okay...

and I've even been knitting a little bit :)

DH may have left me, but now, I'm feeling good about it. I feel empowered by this. I'm single now (yes, technically still married, but we're not together and never will be together again) and I no longer have a partner to answer to. I don't have to consider him for everything anymore. Yes, we'll be connected for eternity because we have three children together, but I am my own person now, not just a wife and mother. This is a good thing. I've been bettering myself for me, and I feel great. I'm loosing weight, and feeling more confident. I've been getting glimpses of the vibrant, confidant woman I used to be before the depression changed me. I'm looking for a job now, so cross your fingers for me and wish me luck. It's no longer a question of IF I can do this, because now I know that I WILL succeed. For my kids, I can do anything.

And, as for knitting, a few days after Christmas, I decided to start knitting up all of those seemingly millions of worsted weight yarn scraps leftover from other various projects that I had laying around. I'm using them to knit an Entrelac blanket. I'm using each color one at a time until it runs out, then I start another color. I threw all of the scraps into a big shopping bag and I'm grabbing new balls at random. I cast on 210 stitches and made my base triangles/squares 10 stitches wide. This blanket is one of the ugliest things I've ever seen, but I love it. HERE is a pic I took of it on January 28th, It's a little bit bigger and more of an eyesore

Saturday, January 23, 2010


seriously. the shit storm didn't end. fuck my life. my husband decided our marriage is over. I can't bring myself to be mad at him. I keep thinking that if I were mad it would be easier to let him go. But, we have 3 kids, so for them, I'm glad I'm not mad at him. Since I've been practically a Stay at home mom for the last 10 years, he's agreed to stick around and support me fully until I can get a job, some savings built, and get on my feet. I'm extremely grateful for that, But, I'm scared. no, scratch that, I'm terrified. I'm terrified of being single. I've been with my husband since I was 16 years old. I don't know how to be single. I don't want to be single. I'm terrified of being a single mom. I'm freaking out over having to enter the work force completely unqualified, and worrying about making enough money to support my kids. I know I'll get spousal support and child support from DH, but I don't want to have to live on that alone. How will I find a job I can do in the hours while my kids are in school that will earn me enough money to give my children a good life? Worrying about all this has been keeping me up at night. Worrying about this has made me loose my appetite. I've been forcing myself to eat, but I've still dropped 10 lbs (the weight loss was triggered by my oral surgery, but furthered by heartbreak depression). Who knew that with the stereotype of heartbreak = ice cream, pizza, and cookies, that the reverse would be true for me. Oh well, I'm happy to see the weight go. I've got too much to begin with, and family has always told me, that when your heart is broken, the best revenge is looking good.

DH is right about one thing though. I have a lot of love to give and I deserve someone who will love me back.

Monday, November 16, 2009

is this the end of the shitstorm? please?

Knitting....hmm...I think I remember what that is. I seem to remember enjoying it once upon a time. Oh, that's right, I still love to knit, but a nasty little thing called life has been getting in my way. UGH. I think/hope that things will get back to a more normal pace soon.

In my last real update, I mentioned that I had an Uncle who was dying of cancer. On 11/06 at 11:06pm, he passed. It's okay, the family seems to be doing fine. I am worried about my Aunt Debbie, though. I just think that for someone who just lost her husband of 39 years, she's remarkably calm. We have a big, strong (completely messed up and crazy) family, and she knows we're all here for her when/if she needs us. The funeral was nice, I just have issue with the fact that when my Aunt and Cousin got up to talk about Uncle Paul, instead of talking about what kind of man he was, they went on a tirade of 'if you don't believe in the god we believe in, how we believe in him, then you will BURN IN HELL FOR ALL ETERNITY'...ugh. I know the service was in a church, so some of this was to be expected, but when I heard that I rolled my eyes and then noticed the pastor saw me doing so. I have more respect for people than to make waves at a funeral so I just avoided the pastor. Being the only Atheist in a family of Baptists is fun...oh yeah.

btw- do any of you guys watch True Blood? I was greatly entertained by the fact that the Pastor of the church my Aunt goes to looks a lot and sounds a lot like Steve Newlin...LMFAO

In that last post I also mentioned my Mother was in the Hospital. She was only in for a few days, and the Dr's never did figure out exactly what was causing her problems. They were all very thorough and all the scans/cultures/tests came back normal. They ended up giving her some meds to help her symptoms and released her. She was fine for a few days, but I found out yesterday that her symptoms are back. She's got an appointment for a specialist soon. I only hope they can get to the root of this because I want my Mom healthy again.

And, in ever more exciting news, I get to have some oral surgery done. woohoo. I've been having some pain and upon inspection, I have some teeth that are fully formed under my gums that refuse to come through (3 of my 12-yr molars and 2 wisdom teeth) and are causing me some issues so they need to go in and remove those teeth. I also have 2 cracked/damaged molars that need removed, so I'll be having a total of 7 extractions done. 6 surgically. They're going to put me under general anesthesia for this and give me a prescription for some good pain meds (lortab...YAY!) I called and scheduled the procedure earlier, and I'm going in for this on January 7th.

And all of the above is why I started a new journal and titled it 'My Choo-Choo Jumped the Track'...LOL

Friday, October 30, 2009

Anyone Else But You

Yes, I know, I don't normally do meme's here, but I'm in a strange mood tonight, so I'm going to do this one. Don't like it? Tough shit. Like it? Comment. What the hell, comment either way.

1. Put your iTunes, Windows Media Player,Ipod etc. on shuffle.
2. For each question, press the next button to get your answer.
3. You must write that song name down no matter how silly it sounds.
4. Title this with the song from the last question.

If someone says 'are you okay' you say?
~The Static Age- Green Day

How would you describe yourself?
~White & Nerdy - Weird Al

What do you like in a guy/girl?
~If I were A Carpenter - Bobby Darin

How do you feel today?
~Dream Lover- Bobby Darin

What is your life's purpose?
~Lump- The Presidents of the United States of America

What's your motto?
~O, Death- Ralph Stanley

What do your friends think of you?
~Jenny Says- Cowboy Mouth

What do your parents think of you?
~Baby Love -The Supremes

What do you think about very often?
~You're No Good - Betty Everett

What is 2 + 2?
~Libiamo- La Traviata

What do you think of your best friend?
~Walkin' After Midnight - Patsy Cline

What is your life story?
~She Wolf - Shakira

What do you want to be when you grow up?
~Angel of the Morning - Merrilee Rush

What do you think when you see the person you like?
~Cell Block Tango - from the 'Chicago' soundtrack

What will you dance to at your wedding?
~Holding out for a Hero - Bonnie Tyler

What is your hobby/interest??
~The Sound of Silence - Simon & Garfunkel

Whats your biggest fear?
~Bad Things - Jace Everett

What is your biggest secret?
~My Freeze Ray -Dr. Horrible's sing along blog

What do you want right now?
~21 Guns - Green Day

What do you think of your friends?
~Ain't no Sunshine - Bill Withers

What will you post this as?
~ Anyone Else but You - The Moldy Peaches

Hectic Days...

Gah....I know, it's been a month since I've updated my blog. I am sorry for that, but life has been absolutely crazy recently and the blog was put on the back burner. Long story really short: I have an Uncle who is dying from cancer, another uncle recently diagnosed with skin cancer, and my Mother is currently in the hospital. She'll be fine but the Doctors can't figure out what's causing her problems.

Oh, and sorry, no pics in this post (only links to pics), I don't have any recent knitting pics saved on this computer. They're all on my netbook and the power cord died so now I can't use my netbook until I can get another power cord. I also don't know how to insert pics from my flickr into my posts.

Okay, so let's move on to more pleasant things. Knitting! Yes, I have gotten some knitting done this past month. In my last post I mentioned a sweater I was knitting for my Cousin's daughter, Grace. Well, I finished the sweater the morning of her birthday party :) I used a cotton/acrylic yarn, and cotton is really hard on my hands, but I still had fun knitting the sweater. I used this pattern from DROPS, and Knitpicks Comfy Sport yarn for this adorable sweater. Here's a link to see the finished sweater .

I also knit up a quick project for my sister, Dawn. She asked me to knit some simple fingerless mits for her, so I did. I had her buy the yarn and she chose Naturally Caron Country (or something like that, I don't have the label anymore) in a charcoal grey color. They were really basic, and only took a few hours to whip up the pair. Click here to see the Mits I knit for Dawn.

I still have several WIP's and UFO's laying around. I've done a few more rows on sock #2 in the Ellington pair, I pick up Vivian and do a few stitches every now and then, and I've also started working on a mesh grocery bag. I want to get enough of them made so I can use only them for bagging my groceries at the store. I haven't really been working on any of these a lot, just here and there whenever I get the whim to do so. I'm trying to get back into it though. Knitting is very meditative and relaxing for me, and I need that right now.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Like sock yarn, leftover birthday cupcakes don't count.

Monday the 28th, my oldest turned ten years old. I still can't believe it. Part of me feels like it's about damn time, and yet another part of me is weeping because my first baby is now in double digits. Plus, I'm a bit sad because before long, that little booger is going to be taller than me. Now, I'm barely 5'2", so becoming taller than me is no major feat for most, but when your oldest kid is up to your chin, you can't help but to look over at him and wonder "when the fuck did you get so damn tall?!?" He'll begin to hit puberty soon, and I can't help but to watch in amazement and think I'm too young for this shit. At least, I get to eat the leftover birthday cupcakes. They're Devils Food....yum

Also, I thought I should share a picture of the finished Ellington Sock (pattern now available on
I followed some of the instructions written in the pattern for altering the sock to make the leg 12 rows shorter, and I also started the sock using one needle size up from gauge to make the top ribbing looser, because I had some issues with the twisted ribbing being a bit too tight on my massive calves of DOOM. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE this sock. I know I say that all the time, but hey, that's the norm for sock addicts. I'm completely obsessed with Cookie A's patterns. I want to lick her mind (and if you can guess the show that quote is from(though it's 'your' not 'her' in the quote), I'll love you forever and send you virtual smooches). I have the second sock for the Ellington pair started, but it's been moved to the back burner so I can concentrate my efforts on working on a very special sweater for a very special little girl.

That special little sweater, is this DROPS pattern, and I'm making it for my Cousin's little girl who is turning one in a few weeks. I'm making it with different colors, and I'm using Knitpicks Comfy sport yarn. I'll share some pics of it when I get further along.