Monday, November 16, 2009

is this the end of the shitstorm? please?

Knitting....hmm...I think I remember what that is. I seem to remember enjoying it once upon a time. Oh, that's right, I still love to knit, but a nasty little thing called life has been getting in my way. UGH. I think/hope that things will get back to a more normal pace soon.

In my last real update, I mentioned that I had an Uncle who was dying of cancer. On 11/06 at 11:06pm, he passed. It's okay, the family seems to be doing fine. I am worried about my Aunt Debbie, though. I just think that for someone who just lost her husband of 39 years, she's remarkably calm. We have a big, strong (completely messed up and crazy) family, and she knows we're all here for her when/if she needs us. The funeral was nice, I just have issue with the fact that when my Aunt and Cousin got up to talk about Uncle Paul, instead of talking about what kind of man he was, they went on a tirade of 'if you don't believe in the god we believe in, how we believe in him, then you will BURN IN HELL FOR ALL ETERNITY'...ugh. I know the service was in a church, so some of this was to be expected, but when I heard that I rolled my eyes and then noticed the pastor saw me doing so. I have more respect for people than to make waves at a funeral so I just avoided the pastor. Being the only Atheist in a family of Baptists is fun...oh yeah.

btw- do any of you guys watch True Blood? I was greatly entertained by the fact that the Pastor of the church my Aunt goes to looks a lot and sounds a lot like Steve Newlin...LMFAO

In that last post I also mentioned my Mother was in the Hospital. She was only in for a few days, and the Dr's never did figure out exactly what was causing her problems. They were all very thorough and all the scans/cultures/tests came back normal. They ended up giving her some meds to help her symptoms and released her. She was fine for a few days, but I found out yesterday that her symptoms are back. She's got an appointment for a specialist soon. I only hope they can get to the root of this because I want my Mom healthy again.

And, in ever more exciting news, I get to have some oral surgery done. woohoo. I've been having some pain and upon inspection, I have some teeth that are fully formed under my gums that refuse to come through (3 of my 12-yr molars and 2 wisdom teeth) and are causing me some issues so they need to go in and remove those teeth. I also have 2 cracked/damaged molars that need removed, so I'll be having a total of 7 extractions done. 6 surgically. They're going to put me under general anesthesia for this and give me a prescription for some good pain meds (lortab...YAY!) I called and scheduled the procedure earlier, and I'm going in for this on January 7th.

And all of the above is why I started a new journal and titled it 'My Choo-Choo Jumped the Track'...LOL