Tuesday, June 26, 2007

WIP's and YARN!

well....My Monica in the round has been coming along quickly. The Body and Ruffle are done, it's just the straps left now. I'm working both straps at the same time from 2 balls of yarn, and will graft them to the stitches held for the straps at the back. This Monica is going to be a birthday present for my Niece, Laney, who turns 3 at the beginning of August. I used Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece in Prosperous Plum and Blush. Pattern from Knitty.

This WIP is an Anthropologie Inspired Capelet that is for my Niece, Justice's 10th birthday coming up in August (3 days after Laney's birthday) (if you wanted to know, Justice and Morgan are my Nieces from my sister Jammie, and Laney and new baby are from my sister Dawn) I am working on the sleeves, but there's not much work left to do on this. I altered the pattern slightly to accommodate a buttonhole (instead of using a broach) and to make it smaller to fit a youngster. I need to find the perfect button. I'm thinking something pale pink and/or lavender and sparkly would be prefect for a 10 year old. The yarn I'm using is Knitpicks Wool of the Andes Bulky in Sky.

My Nieces are going to look SOOOO FREAKING CUTE in their birthday gifts!!!! I'm all giddy and excited!

And, now, YARN!!!

Here we have some Knitpicks Wool of the Andes Bulky in Mauve and Grape. These are going to become some cabled cardigans for my nieces Laney and Morgan's Christmas Gifts. I'm still planning the cardigans out. Right now I'm thinking make one mainly grape with mauve ribbing for the collar and cuffs, and the other mainly mauve with grape for the collar and cuff ribbing. Both with a cable pattern going down the front panels beside the button bands, but the cables will be different on each sweater.

This is Knitpicks Main Line yarn in the Red Velvet Cake colorway. The lighting in all of these pics is off, but in this pic the color is the most inaccurate. It's a really pretty creamy red. I'm not 100% sure what I'm going to do with this one. I only have 5 balls of it. I'm thinking maybe using it to knit a cardigan for DD to wear this fall. I probably don't have enough for that, so I might just use it to make a sweater for my newest niece, Due September 1st. 5 balls is PLENTY for that.

......and here we have some sock yarns that have been residing in my stash bin for a while, but I don't think I've ever posted a pic or even mentioned them here before. From top to bottom, we have BMFA STR lightweight in Socktopus, Lime & Violet yarn 'Penelope' colorway, and another Lime & Violet yarn called 'The Human Skeleton'. You can see a gallery of Lime & Violet yarns HERE. They do WONDERFUL and BEAUTIFUL work.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

want some details?

After I read the comment CraftPirate left on the post I made yesterday, I realized some might like some details as to what it was on my needles in the second pic in the post below. Well, remember the Monica I was working on before? I wasn't happy with it, and I had a sweater version of second sock syndrome (couldn't make myself start the back), so I decided to frog the fucker and start it over, but knitting it in the round this time. So I'm making a slightly altered version of Monica from Knitty, using Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece in Prosperous Plum for the body and Blush for the ruffle.

Speaking of second sock syndrome, I still haven't started sock #2 of Twisted Flower, and I've only managed a few rows of sock#2 of Embossed leaves.

Monday, June 18, 2007

I LOVE Options!!!!

I FINALLY ordered the Knitpicks Options needle set a week ago (Monday 6/11th), and Saturday (6/16), a mere 20 minutes before I had to leave for work, they arrived!!!! I hurried finishing getting ready to leave, and ended up having a full 10 minutes to play with my new beauties! I transferred one of my wip's onto the KPO's, and as soon as I started knitting.....I was in love :)
They're SOOOO very smooth and slick....the stitches glide easily across them. DH likes them too. He already transferred a project to a set of my KPO's. Sometime soon, I think we'll have to get DH his own set of KPO's....I don't want to share :)

Sunday, June 10, 2007

the ability to breathe through ones nose is greatly underappreciated

Sorry it's been so long since my last update. The kids are out of school on Summer break so I've been busy chasing them around and going crazy. The little boogers decided to bring home one last cold from school too. I felt it coming on Friday, and it hit me full force Friday night. Yesterday was so miserable, I spent the day half passed out on the couch. Today, I'm much better. I still have a sore throat and some muscle soreness, and I get dizzy if I try to stand for too long, but still, MUCH better than yesterday.

As for knitting......not much has gotten done lately. Thursday evening I was working on a project for my niece's 10th birthday, and the cable snapped on me. This was the 2nd Denise cable to do this to me. DH, hearing the string of profanity leaving my mouth when it happened, told me, "just order the Options you've been blathering about for the past year". So, that's what I'm going to do :) (don't worry, I got all of my stitches rescued on some scrap yarn) I am also going to have Denise replace my snapped cord (they have EXCELLENT customer service), so I'll have 2 sets of interchangeables soon :) Not much else has been worked on lately. I started knitting yet another garterlac washcloth, and I did a pinwheel washcloth. A few stitches on some other projects have been knit, but not much.

Also, because of some family drama, and my freaking cold, I was unable to attend any part of Knitters Connection. You have no idea how torturous it is to know that not just an emporium of beautiful, yummy, spectacular yarn and fiber, but also my two favorite podcasters (Lime & Violet), were just a mere 25 minute drive away from me. Not to mention missing out on the Knitters Connection goodie bags. Sometimes life fucking sucks ass.