Monday, February 27, 2006

Peacock Feathers Shawl

I've been working on it again. It's slow going right now, the last row I worked was 384 stitches across. I am ready to start on row 193 of 250. I wish I could work on it more than I do, this thing requires too much concentration to work on it while all of my kids are awake, so that seriously limits my lace knitting time.

Now, if only I could make someone get married this spring or have some occasion to dress up and wear this shawl to show it off..LOL

Friday, February 24, 2006

FO- Summer Swing Top

This is a birthday present for my niece, Morgan. She will be 1 next month. I love this pattern so much that I have plans on knitting one for DD and another one for my niece Laney, who will turn two in August. For Morgan's Summer Swing Top, I used Caron Simply Soft, it's a great soft yarn for baby projects.

Thursday, February 23, 2006


Here's a pic of some of my current wip's. the big multicolored thing is a pinwheel baby blanket, the purple is a Summer Swing Top(pattern from, the small pink is the begining of another lopi tote, and the Grey is my peacock feathers shawl.

I also have a pair of gloves for me and a pair of socks for DH in the works. I might just frog those because I just dont give a rats ass about them anymore.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Turning 1

See that little cutie in my profile pic? That pic was taken when she was around 7 months old......Well, can you believe that she's 1? Her first birthday was on Saturday, February 18th. Happy Birthday Hannah!

Also, last week (on the 15th) was my 1 year knitting anniversary. I had wanted to learn how to knit ever since I was a child, but it looked intimidating. Once I picked up those needles, I felt really foolish for being scared of knitting, I caught on so quickly. I finally took the plunge and got a 'how -to-knit' book when I was pregnant with DD and about to pop, and I really needed something to keep my hands busy during the relentless hours of braxton hicks contractions.

also, in almost 2 weeks, it will be my birthday! I love birthdays! I will be 24 on March 3rd.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Sock Yarn

Here is my small stash of sock yarns. I don't know why, just felt like

Thursday, February 09, 2006

River Rapids Socks

While technically this is the 3rd pair of adult socks I've completed, it's the first pair that are for me! I am in love. I adore these socks. I used Sockbug's River Rapids Socks pattern, and The yarn is Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sport in the colorway Bucks Bar. (don't they look great with my jeans...LOL) I love showing off FO's :)

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Stitch & Bitch

I'm sure most of you know by now, of the situation with Sew Fast, Sew Easy(SFSE) and Stitch & Bitch. If you don't know what I'm talking about, Here's a list of blogs/sites that explain the whole situation better than I can. (scroll down)

On the thread at about this situation, I saw mention that someone wanted to continue the discussion about sfse and their bully tactics in private, in a place where sfse can't read. I took it upon myself to start a private message board group for this purpose. If you are interested in joining, you can email me at . I'm sure you will understand that we want to prevent anyone from SFSE getting in and reading. So, as means to try to prevent that, I set the requirements that you have a 2 month posting history on either a knitting blog or knitting message board. When you email me, please include your blog address or the name of the board you post on and your username. I'm sure you understand that I am trying to make this a place where we can all speak our minds, without worry of sfse trying to shut us down. I will get everyone added as quickly as I can.

I love being not afraid to frog.

I was happily 1/2 through the gusset on DH's sock. It was looking a little small, so I decided to try it on my dainty little size 7 foot. Well, It was a struggle to get it over my heel. I took it off, pulled the needles out, and went froggin'. I picked a new pattern and started DH's socks all over again from scratch. Right now, I'm about an inch into the cuff ribbing.

Also, I am now working the foot of sock #2 of the Sock Bug River Rapids socks. Doing a lil' happy dance over here. I hope to have these socks finished in time to wear to a little get-togather I'm going to Thursday evening.

Saturday, February 04, 2006

And here is a pic of the purple baby hat I knitted. It's dark purple, using the same yarn as the scarf I just finished. (see scarf HERE.)

I've been addicted to sock yarn lately. I just keep seeing so many beautiful, soft sock yarns in absolutely wonderful colors. In addition to the yarn for the socks I have going, plus the sock yarns mentioned in my last post, I went yarn shopping online this morning. I got some Regia Strato 5740 and 5747 from The Simply Socks Yarn Company, and then I went and bought some Knitpicks Sock Landacape yarn in Yukon. As soon as it all comes in I'll post a pic.

I also have plans to go through and organize my stash a little better sometime this week. I'll take pics of that too. I know I have a bunch of yarn in the 18-gal rubbermaid tote that needs to be wound into a ball, and I have some acrylic in there that I will probably give to a friend who crochets. She doesn't care about fiber content as much as I do.