Saturday, February 04, 2006

And here is a pic of the purple baby hat I knitted. It's dark purple, using the same yarn as the scarf I just finished. (see scarf HERE.)

I've been addicted to sock yarn lately. I just keep seeing so many beautiful, soft sock yarns in absolutely wonderful colors. In addition to the yarn for the socks I have going, plus the sock yarns mentioned in my last post, I went yarn shopping online this morning. I got some Regia Strato 5740 and 5747 from The Simply Socks Yarn Company, and then I went and bought some Knitpicks Sock Landacape yarn in Yukon. As soon as it all comes in I'll post a pic.

I also have plans to go through and organize my stash a little better sometime this week. I'll take pics of that too. I know I have a bunch of yarn in the 18-gal rubbermaid tote that needs to be wound into a ball, and I have some acrylic in there that I will probably give to a friend who crochets. She doesn't care about fiber content as much as I do.

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