Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Turning 1

See that little cutie in my profile pic? That pic was taken when she was around 7 months old......Well, can you believe that she's 1? Her first birthday was on Saturday, February 18th. Happy Birthday Hannah!

Also, last week (on the 15th) was my 1 year knitting anniversary. I had wanted to learn how to knit ever since I was a child, but it looked intimidating. Once I picked up those needles, I felt really foolish for being scared of knitting, I caught on so quickly. I finally took the plunge and got a 'how -to-knit' book when I was pregnant with DD and about to pop, and I really needed something to keep my hands busy during the relentless hours of braxton hicks contractions.

also, in almost 2 weeks, it will be my birthday! I love birthdays! I will be 24 on March 3rd.

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Stephanie said...

Happy birthday to both of you! Doesn't it feel great when you realize you can do something you thought was "too hard"?