Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Finished mom's socks!

You can see some laddering on the right sock, but hopefully blocking will take care of that. But the knitting of mom's socks is FINISHED!!! Yippie!

I have two other pairs of socks in the works, Dh's and a pair for my best friend. Dh's are going to be slow going, and I need to loosen up on my tension because I have two small cuts on my right index finger from tightly holding and sliding the fingering weight yarn. Oops. I also still have the baby blanket (metal needles are not friends to my hands), a scarf for BIL, and hats for the kids working right now.

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MerigoldinWA said...

Your mother should be very happy to receive these socks. The colors are beautiful. That's self stiping yarn? What will they think of next?
I've never heard of anyone cutting themselves with the yarn as they knit. Loosen up girl! Maybe you can't if there are no smaller size needles to go down to.
I looked at all your things. The boys' hats turned out nice, and the baby's too. The socks for your husband sound nice, and yes, dark yarn can be a pain.
Keep up the good work, and your dream of a yarn shop. I would like a cozy atmosphere with seating so people can knit/crochet and visit. Yarn in lots of weights and fibers, in different price ranges. Be sure you carry some poorer folks can afford. Friendly people working in the shop.
I'm glad you can be a full time mom. Not enough of those around anymore. It's also great seeing young women who like to knit. Merigold