Monday, October 03, 2005

What I'm working on

Okay, here's what I've currently got in the works. The top pink is a baby blanket for my niece Morgan's Christmas Present. I'm using the Baby Fern Stitch dishcloth pattern from The Dishcloth Boutique. I haven't made much progress on it since my last current projects post. What can I say, I've been getting lazy about this blanket and I'm hoping that by posting about it again, I might feel the need to work on it more. You see that dark blue thing you can't see the detail of? Well, that's the beginings of an Irish Hiking Scarf that will be a Christmas present for my BIL, Ricky. It looks great, however that deep blue color just dosen't photograph very well. The project on dpn's with the self striping yarn is sock #2 in the pair I'm knitting for my Mom's Christmas present. And, finally, the cream colored sweater on the bottom, is a top down cardigan I'm knitting for Hannah. I need to finish the body and then I am planning on crocheting the button bands on. I can't decide on the buttons, though. I have these really pretty dragonfly buttons, and I have some round purple shell buttons. Both would be beautiful with this cream yarn.

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Anonymous said...

Morgan's baby blanket is so nice, I like the scalloped edge.