Saturday, September 12, 2009

Ellington, Vivian, and 9 to 5

I'm test knitting again! This time, I'm testing the Ellington Pattern by Cookie A, and I'm going to play it safe and just show a progress picture of what I have so far, and not say anything about the pattern other than that I LOVE it :) I'll share more when the pattern is released, I know how you people love your details :p

I thought I'd also give you an update on some of my other WIP's I was working on before I started the test knit. Here's a pic of where I am on the Vivian sweater. I started this several months ago, but during the summer months I couldn't bring myself to work on it in that heat. Now seasons are changing and working on Vivian again just feels right. I have the body done and the left sleeve done. Next I have to knit the right sleeve, then connect all the pieces and knit the yoke and the hood, then sew in a zipper. I am still really enjoying the pattern and the yarn, and it's another one that makes me very happy that I know how to cable without a cable needle.

And, here we have yet another sock! I know, shocker, right? But anyway, the pattern for this one is 9 to 5. I'm shortening the leg of the sock significantly because I generally prefer shorter sock legs. The yarn for this one is Knitpicks Gloss Sock yarn in Cosmos.

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