Sunday, March 12, 2006

2 Wip's & 1 FO

Saturday morning, I cast on both Odessa and Starsky. This pic is what I have of Odessa so far. It is MUCH more simple to knit than it looks. It was a PITA stringing the beads onto the yarn, but I got them on fairly quickly. I am just about 3.5 inches from the cast on edge. The yarn is knitpicks elegance in Lilac.

Here's the FO! DD's Pinwheel baby blanket is finished!!! I made it a 40 inch diameter. When I got it almost as large as I wanted it, I put in a stripe of pink solid color yarn, then a small stripe of the varigated yarn, and for the edge I held both yarns togather and crocheted a ruffle around. The crocheted ruffle is extremely simple. It's just a DC, CH3 in each stitch around.

And here's what I have so far of Starsky! I am ready to start row 3 of the pattern chart for my second pattern repeat. I was right when I said I would love working with Knitpicks Sierra yarn. It is very soft and just yummy.

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