Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Felted Bag

I followed the pattern for a lopi tote, and I used some Knitpicks Wool of the Andes (double stranded) to knit this bag. I felted it by hand in the bathtub yesterday. Man, beating the hell out of it was very theraputic...LOL. This bag was also an experiment. I wanted to see just how important it was to leave it out to dry. I put this fucker in the dryer. MUCH quicker and the same results as if I would have blocked it the 'right' way. I made this one a little larger than my other lopi tote. My other one is great, but it didn't really accomodate carrying around a small knitting peoject. This brings my total for knitted/felted bags that I've made to 6 bags, and 3 are ALL MINE...LOL

I found something that I MUST HAVE. I have fallen in love with the Jordana Paige 'The Knitters Satchel'. The next time I get a bunch of 'fun' money, I will buy it. I LOVE it. I NEED it.

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Emily said...

I really like the way your bag came out. Are the handles comfortable? I made a similar bag a while ago and the handles just bugged me too much since they curl.

Yours looks lovely though. I love the stripes.