Monday, May 01, 2006

This might hurt some......

I am almost finished with sock one of the pair that I'm knitting with Regia Strato (that I posted about before). I am less than an inch away from closing the toe. But I'm just not happy with it. (this is where it gets painful) I am going to frog the entire sock. It's pretty and fits well, I'm just not happy with the toe shaping I choose, and I'm not completely satisfied with my short row heel. Oh well. I will frog this sock and set the yarn aside and start on socks for my mom. I'm not sure which yarn out of my stash I want to use. Probably the Knitpicks Sock Memories in the Yukon colorway.

To some more pleasant news, I am almost finished with my Starsky! I have both sleeves finished, sewn in and all of the seams sewn, the only things left are to finish the belt and beltloops. I won't post any more starsky pics until I am completely finished with mine. I love it!

I've got a good start on my niece, Laney's, Birthday present. I'm knitting her a Summer Swing Top (from with Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece yarn. I've got only 2 inches done so far, but it's a pretty quick knit.

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