Thursday, April 27, 2006

Pic of Starsky

ok, here's a pic of what's done with Starsky. I had to have my 6 year old son take the pic (forgive my pajama, and this was the best out of the 10 pictures he took. Starsky is still missing her left sleeve, belt and beltloops, which are all in progress. I expect to be finished soon (guesstimating a week), and even sooner if I make myself knit more than 4 rows a day. I've been going slow on this because the weather outside is beautiful and I've been outside running around with the kids. I made(making) the sleeve(s) 18.5 inches before sleeve cap shaping instead of the 23 inches the pattern calls for. I may be a big girl, but I have short arms.

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Jordana said...

Jackie, it really looks great!