Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Starsky! getting close......

This picture shows everything I have for Starsky. I folded the back section up onto itself so I could get it all into the pic, and you can see the two front panels, what I have so far of the collar, the finished sleeve off to the right, and the sleeve in progress to the left.

My mailman delivered a package today. When I answered the door, he handed it to me and asked "more yarn?". I laughed and said yes. (it was 10 balls of Knitpicks Get Away yarn in the colorway 'Nap') Both my UPS man and the USPS guy are both shocked when my packages aren't yarn. You guys should have seen the look of confusion when the UPS guy delivered 2 baby gates to me. He even asked me if they were to keep DD out of my yarn...LMAO!!!

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