Wednesday, May 31, 2006

My too many WIP's

Remember that New Years Resolution that I made to no longer allow myself more than 5 wip's at a time? Well, that resolution went out the window. I currently stand at 6, and I'm itching to start more. But, I'm not letting myself. Ok, so In the pic, the top left corner is a Boobholder from Glampyre. I am using Patons Classic Merino wool in the color Deep Olive. It's being made to wear with a brown tunic I have. The pink under it is a pair of Traveler socks. (pattern can be found on THIS page) I am using Cascade 220 in the color Baby Rose Heather. I am almost to the heel of sock #2. Below that, the grey, is a pair of Cascading Leaves socks (pattern found by joining THIS yahoo group) I am using Knitpicks Essential Sock yarn in the color Ash. The light purple to the right of those socks, is what I have so far of a Summer Swing Top (Pattern Found on THIS site) for my Niece's 2nd birthday. I am using Brown Sheep's Cotton Fleece in the color Lilac Haze, and I plan to make another (for DD) using Victorian Pink. The blue above that is a basic top down raglan baby cardigan (with some details I'm adding). I am not getting into any more details than that, the intended recipient hasn't been born yet and his mommy doesn't know I'm making something for him (but if she reads here, she will know so I don't want to post too many details, this way something remains a surprise.) The Deep purple at the top right is what I have so far of a Lacy Hair tamer Headband. I found the pattern on InterWeave Knits Website (I think from the spring 2004 issue?) I am using Knitpicks Elegance yarn in the color Lilac.

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Marce said...

Busy Knitter!!! I love it.

I have the too many WIP not enough time problem too (2 toddlers, travel for work, blah, blah, blah = no time).

I joined Project Finish Knit in the hopes that I can bust some stash and tame these UFOs before they suffocate me. Plus I'd like to start a bunch of new stuff too!