Tuesday, April 10, 2007

wip- Twisted Flower Socks

So, after I finished up my Entrelac socks, I started knitting Cookie A's Twisted Flower Sock pattern. I am about 10 rows away from finishing the leg of the sock. At first, I really did almost want to jab my eyes out with my DPN's, but then I remembered what kept me sane back when I knit my Starsky sweater. Color Coded Charts. I grabbed the kids' colored pencils and went through and color coded most of the symbols in the charts. It really has been a HUGE help, and the knitting has been going MUCH smoother and quicker.

I am using Knitpicks Essential sock yarn in the color Pine (bad pic, I know, I had to mess with the lighting to see the cables better). I have a few solid color sock yarns in my stash, and I couldn't decide which one to use. So, I held up a few of my favorites and let the kids pick which one they liked.

I really need to get on a 'finish up my WIP's' kick...lol On the needles, I still have the Garterlac baby blanket, st st regia socks, Shetland Tea Shawl, and a throw I'm knitting using the Kerry Blue Shawl pattern. These have all been OTN for how many months now?...LOL


Macoco said...

the sock is beautiful. Color-coding the chart is such a good idea. I definitely will use that tip in the future.

bunchkin said...

Hi! I wandered over from Craftster. I noticed that you got married when you were 17? So did I! I am 26 and have 4 kids, just celebrated our 9th anniversary. Nice to "meet" you!