Friday, April 20, 2007

my first yarns

This first pic is actually my first 2 lengths of handspun yarn. The green is twice as long as the purple, so when playing with plying them together, when I got to the end of the purple, I folded the green in half and started plying it back up the purple. It's about a yard long and very thick & thin, but I think it's pretty :)

This is what's on my spindle now. I'm alternating lengths of the green and purple roving, and it varies between lace and sport weight (just an estimate..TOTALLY eyeballing it here). When I park & draft, I get a fairly consistent thickness, but when I try to draft while the spindle is spinning, it gets thicker. but still, I think I'm doing pretty great for a newbie spinner :)

Now I just need to convince DH or someone to buy me a spinning wheel....hey, my 8th wedding anniversary is coming up (May 14th) so maybe it'll be pretty easy to talk DH into buying one for me..hehehehehe

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Macoco said...

Wow, very nice - I'm impressed!