Thursday, April 19, 2007


These are the two main WIP's I have right now. The others are slowly making their way to the UFO pile.
First, to the left you can see what I have done so far on the Garterlac baby blanket I've been working on. I'm planning on doing two more tiers, so that it will be 8 base triangles wide and 8 base triangles long. Then, I will do either a pink, blue or white attached i-cord border. My sister has a U/S this Friday (4-20), and hopefully baby will cooperate and show the world if I'm getting a new niece or a new nephew.

And here we have a progress pic of the Twisted Flower sock I'm making. I decided to change the heel flap of the sock. Instead of the pretty leaf design, I went with a more durable slip stitch heel flap. I am about 10(ish) rows into the gusset now, and I'm in love with this sock. I know I say that about every sock I knit, but I love knitting socks so it's bound to happen....LOL I just LOVE watching the pattern come together, and even though I've knit A LOT of socks, turning a heel is still magic to me :) And, dude, Kitchener stitch, It's freaking amazing!!

I am also anxiously awaiting the arrival of Favorite Socks. I placed my order Monday (i think) and this morning I got the shipment notification email!!! I've wanted this book since before it was released, and I, finally, was able to get it. Now, If I could justify getting all the other books on my amazon wish

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Nikki said...

Wow, that baby blanket looks like a lot of work. Looking pretty, though.