Thursday, June 22, 2006

Stuffed Fish

One thing DD goes nuts over, something she absolutely LOVES, are fish. She loves to just cuddle with me and watch the fish in our Aqurarium swim around. So, when I saw THIS pattern, I decided to knit up 2, sew them together and stuff them for DD. After I knit the 2 fish, I picked up stitches in the stockinette triangle section and knit on some fins. I did all of the knitting yesterday (maybe 2 hours total, and that includes time taken to play with kids) and I did the sewing and stuffing this morning. I used some cheapo red heart acrylic yarn for both the knitting and the stuffing. I figured it would be durable and washable, and good for a toy for a toddler.
I've also got some WIP's that are close to completion. The socks for DD, the special something for my nephew, and the Summer Swing Top for my niece Laney are all almost done.

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Whimsical Knitting said...

She is precious!!! The fish is too cute, sorry she didn't like it! She is going to be adorable in the summer swing top, I just finished one for my gd.