Thursday, June 08, 2006

FO- Traveler Socks

The Traveler Socks are finished!!! I love how they turned out, but the color just isn't me, so I decided to put them away and give them to my mom for a Birthday present when her Birthday comes around in October. I Used Cascade 220 in the color Baby Rose Heather (#9442), and size 5 DPN's. The pattern is written for Magic Loop, but it translates really easily to using a set of 4 dpn's. One needle for the front/top of foot 20 sts, 2 needles for the back/bottom of the foot, 10 sts on each, and one needle to knit with. The Pattern for these socks can be found on THIS page.


Whimsical Knitting said...

Your socks are GORGEOUS!! Mom will LOVE them!

Lauren said...

Those are really cute! I wanted to say that I still think it's way cool that your dh knits. I wish my boyfriend would, then maybe he'd understand the love of fiber better!