Tuesday, January 10, 2006

FO's, Frogs and New Toys

FO's: I finished the pair of socks I knitted for my best friend. She absolutely loves them. I also finished glove #1 in the pair I'm knitting for myself.

Frogs: I frogged the Fuzzy Feet I was working on and I also frogged the Irish Hiking Scarf. I started really hating them and I knew that I wouldn't actually want to work on them anymore, so they both got frogged.

that brings my WIP's to: my Peacock feathers shawl, my drop stitch scarf, my gloves, socks for me, socks for DH and a sweater that I think I'm going to give to my niece , Morgan, for her birthday. If it ends up too small for Morgan, than I will give it to DD. I'm down to 6 WIP's, and my New Years goal is to get down to 5 and have no more than 5 WIP's going at once.

New Toy: MY BALL WINDER CAME!!! I LOVE it. As soon as I could I wound a few scraps into nice, neat yarn cakes. I am no longer going to avoid buying pretty yarn just because it comes in hanks (I hated winding yarn by hand) Now, I just need to convince DH to buy me a swift for my birthday.

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