Friday, June 27, 2008


I really enjoyed the process of test knitting these socks. And now you guys can knit them as well! The Ornette pattern is available to purchase now on Cookie A's website. I just kitchenered the toe of sock#2 last night, and got pics first thing this morning of the FO. I am already thinking about knitting another pair. Since these socks are mirror images there was absolutely NO second sock syndrome, and the cables are complex enough to keep me interested without being too complicated at the same time. The yarn I used was BMFA's STR lightweight in Rose Quartz, and if you are planning on making Ornette, you'll either need to use a yarn with more yardage than the STR, or buy 2 skeins. Since I only had 1 skein, the legs of my socks are pretty short.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008


I finished Talia's Baby Pinwheel Sweater!!! It took less than a week to knit, and it was just the project I needed to get my sock mojo back! Now, it gets to go sit in a box until :) I needed to use a machine washable yarn for this, so I choose Lion Brand's Wool-Ease yarn in the color Rose Heather. I really enjoyed this quick knit, I think I will definitely have to knit another one in the future.

Now that I have this off the needles, I'm going to focus on finishing my Ornette socks and then I'll allow myself to CO the other birthday sweater (Justice's sweater is already started (Starsky Jr.) and sitting in my knitting bag, I need to start on Laney's) and the baby blanket for my cousin.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

sinus meds are fun.....

Forgive me if this is short and makes no fucking sense at all, I'm on the good antihistamines that make me a little stoned, but at least I can breathe! :) Also, there's no pics today, I need to recharge the batteries for my camera.

I got a little tired of only working with fingering weight yarn, so I decided on Thursday (the 12th) that I needed a worsted weight project. So, I CO for a sweater for my niece Talia's birthday present. I know, her birthday isn't until the end of August, but it still needed to be done, and I was smart enough to choose a pattern that she will be able to wear for years. I'm knitting a Pinwheel Sweater for her, only making it a solid color instead of striped. I'm using Lion Brand's Wool-ease yarn in Rose heather. It's turning out to be a really quick knit, I'm only a few inches away from finishing the second sleeve, and then all that's left is weaving in the ends.

Ornette is close to being completely finished. I am working the foot of sock #2 (almost to the toe), but it's going pretty slowly right now because of the much needed break from fingering weight yarn. Troll is coming along at a similar pace, only I'm working the heel of sock #2 of that pair.

Once I get some of this stuff off the needles, I need to CO for more birthday presents (My Niece's Justice and Laney have birthdays coming soon, too) and a baby blanket for my cousin (due in October). Unless I have a drastic change of heart, I'm not knitting for anyone's Christmas gifts this year, so that's freed up a lot of ME knitting time :) it's been rather refreshing.

Monday, June 02, 2008

Ornette, Half Finished

I finished the right sock of Ornette!!! It has been a really fun pattern to knit, and with this pair, there is no chance of Second Sock Syndrome, as the Left sock is a mirror image and the stitches are different! I plan on casting on for the Left sock tonight.