Tuesday, June 17, 2008

sinus meds are fun.....

Forgive me if this is short and makes no fucking sense at all, I'm on the good antihistamines that make me a little stoned, but at least I can breathe! :) Also, there's no pics today, I need to recharge the batteries for my camera.

I got a little tired of only working with fingering weight yarn, so I decided on Thursday (the 12th) that I needed a worsted weight project. So, I CO for a sweater for my niece Talia's birthday present. I know, her birthday isn't until the end of August, but it still needed to be done, and I was smart enough to choose a pattern that she will be able to wear for years. I'm knitting a Pinwheel Sweater for her, only making it a solid color instead of striped. I'm using Lion Brand's Wool-ease yarn in Rose heather. It's turning out to be a really quick knit, I'm only a few inches away from finishing the second sleeve, and then all that's left is weaving in the ends.

Ornette is close to being completely finished. I am working the foot of sock #2 (almost to the toe), but it's going pretty slowly right now because of the much needed break from fingering weight yarn. Troll is coming along at a similar pace, only I'm working the heel of sock #2 of that pair.

Once I get some of this stuff off the needles, I need to CO for more birthday presents (My Niece's Justice and Laney have birthdays coming soon, too) and a baby blanket for my cousin (due in October). Unless I have a drastic change of heart, I'm not knitting for anyone's Christmas gifts this year, so that's freed up a lot of ME knitting time :) it's been rather refreshing.

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