Friday, June 27, 2008


I really enjoyed the process of test knitting these socks. And now you guys can knit them as well! The Ornette pattern is available to purchase now on Cookie A's website. I just kitchenered the toe of sock#2 last night, and got pics first thing this morning of the FO. I am already thinking about knitting another pair. Since these socks are mirror images there was absolutely NO second sock syndrome, and the cables are complex enough to keep me interested without being too complicated at the same time. The yarn I used was BMFA's STR lightweight in Rose Quartz, and if you are planning on making Ornette, you'll either need to use a yarn with more yardage than the STR, or buy 2 skeins. Since I only had 1 skein, the legs of my socks are pretty short.


Lauren said...

Those are great! I love that color too.

Anonymous said...

Your posts are funny. Anyone who swears with such abandon has me hooked but besides that I LOVE these socks. and your other stuff too