Wednesday, July 09, 2008

I have WAY too many WIP's...

and I don't yet have pics of all of them.

I technically have 11 projects in varying states laying around the house, but honestly I think 3 of them have become UFO's and I don't know if I'm ready to admit Those 3 would be my half finished pair of Twisted Flower socks, my half finished pair of Earl Grey socks, and a dishcloth that I started one day at my desk because I was bored and haven't picked it up again. Some other projects have just been pushed aside for a little while because I have to concentrate on some projects with a deadline. Those temporarily on hold are Annemor #2, my Troll socks, my granny square blanket, and my Icarus shawl (which has been completely frogged and re-CO, no pic yet). For those not counting, we've mentioned 7 projects out of 11 thus far.

Now for those projects I'm actively working on.

First we have a baby blanket!!! My Cousin, Shelly, is due with her second child in October, and is waiting for delivery to know the sex of the baby. I'm using the Serenity Baby blanket pattern with Caron Simply Soft yarn in Grey Heather. A beautiful pattern in a gender neutral color, and still isn't a typical baby color.

And second we have an Eyelet Yoke cardigan that will be given to my Niece, Laney, for her 4th birthday next month. The pieces in the back are the body up to the armholes waiting on scrap yarn, and sleeve #1 is on the needle cable. after I knit sleeve #2 all pieces will be placed on one needle and worked together for the yoke. I'm using Lion Brand's Wool-Ease yarn in the color Seaspray.

Third, we have a big messy pile of crochet that will eventually be a blanket for my bed. See those long chain columns? those will be laced up when the blanket is finished, creating kind of a lacy cable look. I'm using Caron One Pound acrylic yarn....I despise knitting with the stuff, but when it comes to crochet afghans, it works beautifully.

WIP #4 has no picture because my camera decided to be a big monkey licker and crap out on me. The project is a February Lady Sweater that will be a birthday present for my Niece, Justice, next month. I can't believe that booger is turning 11. I am, again, using Lion Brand's Wool-Ease yarn, only this time I'm using color Dark Rose Heather.

There, now that I've posted about all of those projects here, maybe I'll be more accountable for them and they might actually get done.

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Lauren said...

That's going to be a great baby blanket! Your other blanket sounds really interested, I'll be looking forward to seeing it.