Thursday, August 23, 2007

Where do your WIP's live?

In the past, I've tried keeping all of my WIP's in one location, whether it be a basket, knitting bag, or just tossed on the same shelf somewhere. It doesn't work for me. The more organized I try to become with my knitting, the less knitting gets done. The last part of the last sentence doesn't sound correct, but at the current moment, I can't think of the proper correction for it so it'll stay. So, Where do your WIP's live? Here's mine:

Behind the couch, next to my desk:
On top of the bookshelf:

Next to the t.v:
those are the main places I toss my WIP's. Occasionally, I do keep one, shockingly enough, in a knitting bag.....but not really. That's more of a vacation

And here, last of all, we have a small FO! Yesterday, I knit up a bonnet to match the booties I made for my niece, Talia. (whom we are STILL waiting on the arrival of. send some labor vibes to my sister, Dawn. Her back is killing her!) I used the Top Down Bonnet pattern from Hello Yarn (also check out her rovings....drooooollllllll....)

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Macoco said...

Your bonnet us very cute! My WIPs live in a basket underneath my TV. Or at least that's where I try to make them stay. ;)