Monday, August 20, 2007

Wee Bitty Baby Booties

hehehe...aren't they CUTE! (btw- for the 'hehehe' my spell checker gave me 'bonehead' and 'axeheads' as possible correct spelling options...LMAO) Measuring 3 1/4 inches long here we have finished baby booties for my new niece, whom we are waiting very patiently on the arrival of. My sister could pop any moment now. I can't wait!!!! I LOVE babies, and since I wont be having any more myself, I'll have to just play with (and knit for) the babies of others (I need more people I know to get pregnant). I used Saartje's Baby Booty pattern (in the right hand side bar), and some Regia 6 ply crazy colors yarn I had in my stash, on size 3 bamboo needles. Considering I used yarn larger than the pattern called for and needles larger than the pattern called for(3.25mm instead of 2.5mm), I was expecting the booties to end up larger than the pattern specifications. That didn't happen, so I must embrace that I am a tight knitter and move on.


twellve said...

those are very cute booties!
really like the yarn color.

i downloaded that pattern a while back, but haven't gotten around to trying it yet. these are the ones i have been making so far.

Macoco said...

Oooh so very cute. I like the color combination you've got going there too.