Sunday, July 08, 2007

It's gone.......

I don't know when or why it happened, but I no longer possess the burning desire to simply expand my stash. I used to yearn for yarn, I NEEDED it, I felt I needed to have as much yarn as possible in my bin. I guess somewhere along the way it just became pointless to just buy yarn having no real intention for it. I still love yarn, I just no longer have the desire to just buy it. Now, sock yarn is the exception here. That is always bought with a project in mind.....socks. It's just all the other yarns out there that I just can't get it up for anymore if I don't have a project planned out.

In other knitting news....the SSS (second sock syndrome) I was suffering from, has ebbed some. I have been working on sock#2 for Embossed Leaves again. I have gone from having 2 rows done, sitting on my shelf for weeks, to having only one repeat left to finish for the leg, in less than a week! I have also completely finished Monica and the Anthropologie Inspired Capelet. I have also started the cardigan for my Niece, Morgan's Christmas gift. I decided to use leftover yarn from the Capelet for the collar ribbing, and am using the grape for the body. I am also doing a cable alongside the button band. I'll add a pic of this WIP and more details of the above mentioned FO's when I get another chance to hop on here.

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