Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Another FO!

My best friend, Sarah, also has a new niece arriving in Sept. So, as a joint gift for the new baby, Sarah bought some yarn, and I knit a baby sweater for the lil' pea. It still needs buttons, but Sarah will add those when she gets the chance. I used the Daisy pattern from knitty, and Caron Simply Soft yarn in the color Plum Wine. I love the bottom up construction of this sweater, but I must say my seaming skills (for the sleeves) need some work. This sweater didn't take long to knit, I cast on for it on Saturday morning and worked on it while waiting for Deathly Hallows to be delivered (I finished reading it Sunday morning and OMG it was WONDERFUL!!!!!!!!! (the epilogue sucked though)), and I finished the knitting and seaming yesterday afternoon. I can't wait to see a pic of lil' pea wearing it!

and, here is a progress pic of Icarus. I am on my 3rd repeat of chart 1. It's coming along steadily, but I am starting to get a little bored with this section of the pattern. oh well..... after I finish this repeat, I'll only have to do 2 more repeats and then I get to start another chart that looks MUCH more interesting!

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Macoco said...

Oooh I love little baby cardigans! Yours came out very well. The Icarus is looking great too!