Thursday, March 08, 2007


I haven't been able to work on my Entrelac Sock nearly as much as I have hoped I would. Plus, I am considering frogging it and starting over. I got gauge on my swatch, however following the pattern exactly, it's turning out a bit small. The pattern is written for a woman's size 8-9, and I wear a size 7. I can get what I have done on my foot just fine, but I think it might be a bit too snug. I think i *might* just put this sock on hold until I'm done knitting something for my niece's birthday gift. I've started Reid from Knitty for her, but so far, I'm just not feeling any love for the pattern, and if I don't enjoy a pattern, it never gets finished. Anybody have any suggestions for a (really) quick knit for a 2 yr old?


Macoco said...

That's such a bummer about the sock!

Twinsanity said...

It's looking gorgeous...even if not fitting quite how you want. I frogged mine and started over--again. Decided I completely hated the shape of the toe so I did my regular (cuff down style) toe with a provisional cast on. Worked it from base to tip, grafted and then unzipped the live stitches onto my needles to start the base triangles. I'm liking it much better now.