Tuesday, December 27, 2005

YAY!!!!!! Christmas is OVER!!!

Ohh, man, I am so glad Christmas is over. I love the Holidays for my kids, but I have to admit, if it weren't for them, I wouldn't put up the decorations, or a tree AT ALL. I try to make it a great day for them. I love seeing how happy they get. But, Dammit, the Holidays are a HUGE PAIN IN MY ASS! I do sincerely hope everyone had a great Christmas, but I'm absolutely sure that I'm not the only one doing a happy dance now that it's over.

Everyone that I gave hand made gifts to, seemed to genuinely love them. One of the best things about being a crafter is seeing the smiles on peoples faces when they recieve their knitted gift. But I have to say, the absolute BEST responce I got was when my BIL opened up a tin of candy that I made for him. He really lit up at seeing all that chocolate! It made my day.

As for what I recieved, I LOVE! My Mom got me a set of Denise Interchangables (plus a few other non crafty things I asked for), my sister got me a gift card to JoAnns, and my best friend gave me a rolling knitting tote.

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