Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Christmas FO's

Well, here's a pic of the Christmas Gifts I have finished so far. The red bag in the back is a Sophie bag for my sister, Dawn. The Blue one is for my sister Jammie, the dishcloths are for my aunt (I didn't realize until I inserted the pic that the round one is showing the wrong side) , the pink & white is a scarf and hat set for my niece Justice, the larger socks are for my mom, and the small socks are for DD. I'm not knitting any presents for my 2 sons, they already (just) got their Christmas present, they got new Bunk Beds.

I also have a very cute story to share. My Niece, Laney, is about 1 1/2 yrs old. She was looking out the window the other day, all excited by the snow, and she was yelling "BUBBLES!!!! BUBBLES!!!" (calling snow bubbles) So, now along with the afghan I'm crocheting for her, I'm going to put a bottle of bubbles in the box, too.

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