Friday, October 30, 2009

Hectic Days...

Gah....I know, it's been a month since I've updated my blog. I am sorry for that, but life has been absolutely crazy recently and the blog was put on the back burner. Long story really short: I have an Uncle who is dying from cancer, another uncle recently diagnosed with skin cancer, and my Mother is currently in the hospital. She'll be fine but the Doctors can't figure out what's causing her problems.

Oh, and sorry, no pics in this post (only links to pics), I don't have any recent knitting pics saved on this computer. They're all on my netbook and the power cord died so now I can't use my netbook until I can get another power cord. I also don't know how to insert pics from my flickr into my posts.

Okay, so let's move on to more pleasant things. Knitting! Yes, I have gotten some knitting done this past month. In my last post I mentioned a sweater I was knitting for my Cousin's daughter, Grace. Well, I finished the sweater the morning of her birthday party :) I used a cotton/acrylic yarn, and cotton is really hard on my hands, but I still had fun knitting the sweater. I used this pattern from DROPS, and Knitpicks Comfy Sport yarn for this adorable sweater. Here's a link to see the finished sweater .

I also knit up a quick project for my sister, Dawn. She asked me to knit some simple fingerless mits for her, so I did. I had her buy the yarn and she chose Naturally Caron Country (or something like that, I don't have the label anymore) in a charcoal grey color. They were really basic, and only took a few hours to whip up the pair. Click here to see the Mits I knit for Dawn.

I still have several WIP's and UFO's laying around. I've done a few more rows on sock #2 in the Ellington pair, I pick up Vivian and do a few stitches every now and then, and I've also started working on a mesh grocery bag. I want to get enough of them made so I can use only them for bagging my groceries at the store. I haven't really been working on any of these a lot, just here and there whenever I get the whim to do so. I'm trying to get back into it though. Knitting is very meditative and relaxing for me, and I need that right now.

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