Friday, January 23, 2009

First Kisses

Shockingly, there is no knitting content in this post.

Earlier, I came upon a thread in LSG (Ravelry link)about first kisses. I posted about mine and then started thinking that it might make for an interesting blog post.

When I was 5 there was a boy in my kindergarten class named Jake, and I had the biggest crush on him. So, one day I decided I was going to kiss him. The next day, I sat next to him on the bus to school. After a few minutes of sitting there beside him, I just leaned over and quickly gave him a kiss on the lips. He looked shocked and we sat there not talking or looking at each other for the rest of the ride to school.

My first ZOMG-butterflies in the stomach-boyfriend kiss was in 8th grade. His Name was Ryan (Ryan the first, as I had a series of Ryans a few years later on). He was in 7th (but we were the same age), he was dumb but pretty (and the only boy I’ve ever dated who was shorter than me (which is an achievement as I'm only 5'2"). All the rest were at least 6 inches taller). He had dark brown hair and amazing blue eyes. (I was then and still am a complete sucker for pretty blue eyes, every single one of my past boyfriends and my DH have blue eyes.) He and I had been ‘going out’ for about 3 weeks, and one day after school as we were saying goodbye in the hallway, we got all sappy and romantic. We were staring into each others eyes and we kissed (I leaned in first). He’s the only boyfriend I've had that I still remember what his lips tasted like. A few weeks later I decided that even though he was fun to kiss, he was too stupid for me so I dumped him for a moody goth boy in my grade named Graham. Graham and I never ‘dated’ but we fooled around a lot and he introduced me to pot.

The stories about Jake and Ryan were what I posted in LSG. After I posted it though, I started thinking about all the boys I've dated, and about my first kiss with each of them. Out of all the boys, there's only one first kiss I can't remember, and of those that I can remember, there's only one first kiss that I didn't initiate (and I married that guy). So, tell me about your first kisses. I like reading those stories :)

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Walden said...

I've only ever had two first kisses. My very first kiss was the summer before 7th grade. My sister was friends with a girl named Sasha, Sasha and her brother had a really bad home life so her brother Scott would come over and hang out with us too. He was a year younger than me. Nice boy, way too many problems though. My only other first kiss was with my fiance and in all honesty, in the whorl-wind of our meeting in person . . . I don't really remember the first kiss.