Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Knitting by Candlelight

Remnants from Hurricane Ike came through Ohio on Sunday. We lost power Sunday afternoon, along with approx. 1.9 million other Ohioans. We were lucky though, we were without power for only 20 hours (just long enough for everything in our fridge and freezer to go bad), while the electric companies are saying some people could be without for a week. My Parents and both of my sisters are still without power, and one of my sisters and her family live just down the street from us. Local airports are reporting that the winds got up to 75 MPH in some areas. There are fallen trees and branches everywhere. 6 deaths have been reported so far. My kids are on their second day of no school due to power outages. My next door neighbors tree in their front yard split and 1/2 the tree fell, blocking our driveway and the street. It missed landing on DH's car by only a few feet. Click here to see some pics of the downed tree. Dh and I got the larger branches removed from our lawn yesterday, and today I'm going out there with the kids and we'll get the sticks, twigs and leaves taken care of.

However, in all that, I managed to get some knitting done. While the power was out, after the kids went to bed, I didn't have the distraction of TV or Internet, so Knitting by candlelight it was.
I had a lot of candles, so it wasn't too stressing on my eyes, and I made a decent amount of progress on Mom's Mittens. I know, I'm crazy for doing colorwork by candlelight, but it's the only WIP I have going that the pattern was not on my laptop, and no power= no laptop (the battery for my laptop is kaput), and I didn't want to start another WIP.

Time to get back to the cleanup. Fun....

ETA: almost 48 hours after power went out, my Mom just called me to say her power is back on!!!!!

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Macoco said...

I am so glad that you and your mom got power back! Knitting by candlelight sounds really relaxing. Your mittens are looking great.