Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Achieving Serenity

There were a few times while knitting this baby blanket that I completely lost all passion for knitting it, but I still loved the pattern so I kept on (in the long run, I did enjoy knitting this). I definitely feel a sense of accomplishment for finally finishing the Serenity Baby Blanket. I started this blanket back in July, and just finished it today, September 30th.
I LOVE the finished product, but I doubt that I'll knit this pattern again. I think I'm done knitting baby blankets for a LOOOOOONG time. Now that this is finished, maybe I wont feel guilty for working on Christmas gifts instead of baby gifts.

The intended recipient for Serenity is due to arrive in mid-October (and we don't know the gender), but the last time I saw the expecting mom she looked more than ready to pop (and completely adorable, picture a model skinny person with a beach ball shoved in her shirt). Adorable.

btw- I fully intend to post pics of the baby wrapped in Serenity after he or she is born :)

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