Monday, August 04, 2008

I *might* be a little bit insane.....

I've decided that I will, after all, knit a few gifts for Christmas this year (despite my previous attitude of 'this year, Christmas can go fuck itself'). That's not the insane part, though. I've decided that a few really special people (6 including me) will receive some really special knit mittens or gloves. All the patterns I'm going to use are from the book 'Selbuvotter, Biography of a Knitting Tradition' by Terri Shea. I want to tell you who all of the mittens & gloves are going to be for, but some of the intended recipients might read this blog post.

So, 6 pairs of Selbu mittens/gloves by Christmas, plus all of the baby gift knitting and birthday gift knitting I need to do between now and then, 4 months..... That is the insane part. It's okay though. I throughly enjoy my insanity :)

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