Monday, March 24, 2008


I couldn't think of a title for this post, so I asked my 6 year old what I should use. He said 'Flurp', so there it is. :)
I bought a book that can only be described as beautiful. The book is 'Selbuvotter :Biography of a Knitting Tradition' by Terri Shea. (btw- i ordered it from knitpicks and it was, I think, the quickest I've ever received an order from them. I placed the order Wednesday morning and my package arrived Friday morning) Looking through the patterns in it, I just had to run to my stash, pull out some fingering weight yarn, and CO something, any of the patterns would have done. I decided to start with Annemor #2, one of the child sized patterns in the book. They're intended for my DD, Hannah, even though she probably wont be able to wear them until next winter, as it's already the end of March and I doubt we'll have very many more mitten wearing cold days (if any). I'm already itching to buy some new yarn and start a pair of mittens for me.

There's also a small chance that I *may* be getting a spinning wheel. A friend of DH's has unfortunately fallen on hard times, and his wife has a spinning wheel that they're talking about selling. I told DH to tell them that if they do decide to sell it, I would LOVE to buy it from them. I don't have any details about the wheel, DH didn't think to ask about it, but I don't really care, because at this point, I want a spinning wheel SOOOOO badly that I don't care what it is, I just want one.....LOL

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Macoco said...

That's so exciting about the wheel!