Monday, January 29, 2007

Can you call it a FO if it still needs to be blocked?

I am completely finished with the knitting of Clapotis. I've had it wrapped around me all morning. I am (still) absolutely in love with the yarn I choose (malabrigo). My Clap still needs to be blocked, but I think I'll call it a FO anyway.

Now that my size 8 Denise tips are free, I'm planning on starting a baby blanket sometime this week. This baby blanket is intended for the new bundle my sister announced on Christmas day (EDD. mid August). I am going to make the blanket based on the Garterlac dishcloth pattern, I got the idea from the garterlac baby blanket that Twinsanity made. I am going to be using Bernat CottonTots in the 'Wonder Dreams' Colorway for the main body, and 'Little Boy Blue' for the border. No, we don't know the gender, but it's such a soft, pretty shade of blue I consider it gender neutral.

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