Monday, December 25, 2006

Merry Christmas!!!

Merry Christmas everyone! The kids are happily busy with some new toys, and DH and I are getting things ready to head out to my mom's house to spend the day. The boys absolutely LOVE the Leapsters that Santa brought, and DD is in heaven playing mommy to her new babies. Santa brought her a baby Care Bear, a Puffalump, and a Cabbage Patch baby.

I didn't take any pics of things before I wrapped them, but as far as crafty gifts go, I knit a devil Hat for my 10 year old niece, a lace cap for my 2 yr old niece, and for my other 2 year old niece, a pompom hat with ear flaps. I knit some socks for my mom, and a scarf for my Aunt. Those whom I didn't knit for, I made goodies for. Each of the goodie bags have a full sized homemade loaf of either fresh baked bread, or Banana Nut Bread. Every bag also contains a mini loaf of pumpkin bread, some chocolate covered pretzels and some chocolates that I made yesterday.

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