Friday, June 24, 2005

how many projects?!?

I am the type of person who enjoys having several projects going at once. Here are my current works in progress. Starting at the far left. the dark purple is a shawl I am crocheting for myself. I rarely knit or crochet something for myself. Next (multi colored yarn) is going to be a poncho for my niece, Justice. The next purple is a garter stitch elephant for my niece, Laney, a 1st birthday present. The star is an afghan I'm crocheting for Hannah, my 4 month old. The pink and white on the bottom is a scarf and hat set I am making for Justice's Christmas present.

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Michele said...

Lovely WIP's you have, looks like you are in the pink and purple faze. That scarf is gorgeous! I just went through my yarn and discovered pink is a color I have next to none of. A co-worker is having a first grandbaby that is supposed to be a girl...time to stock up.

My WIP's are a hooded sweater for DD who is 20 (too horrendously hot to work on that), a very complicated cotton cable dishcloth and a poncho in homespun for DDIL.