Wednesday, February 20, 2008

More Socks!

So, I still haven't started sock #2 for the Earl Grey socks I'm making for DH. I'm seriously suffering from second sock syndrome with that pair. It's just that pair, too. Since starting Earl Grey, I've started and finished the Carolina socks, and I'm about 2.5 inches into sock #2 for a pair of Phineas Socks that I started. Granted, I think this is partly (ok, maybe mostly) due to the fact that my feet are tiny compared to DH's , so socks for me take a lot less time to knit. Plus, I'm kind of an instant gratification whore and socks for me give me that FO high a lot quicker. Anyway.... the socks pictured are what I have done on Phineas right now. While dragging the chair outside, I accidentally dropped the socks in the snow. Oh well, they may be wet right now, but at least the snow is pretty.

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Anonymous said...

Hi, I love your Carolina socks. Is it possible to get the pattern from you? I tried to click the link from your other post, but it won't work. I have some Socks that Rock medium weight that is perfect for this pattern. My email is mhighfill at (replace the at with @).