Monday, October 29, 2007


On Saturday, I was bored so I decided to haul out my stash bin and all of my knitting bags so I could go through my Stash. I ended up not only organizing my Stash, but also taking inventory of it and then I created a spreadsheet for my Stash. I have a rather small Stash as of used to be double what I currently have, but I've been working on downsizing it a little at a time for the past year. Now, in this Stash inventory, I did not include the skeins of yarn intended for Christmas gifts or any other current WIP's that are on hold until Christmas knitting is done, this is strictly stash yarn. I made my spreadsheet have categories for brand / name / fiber content / yarn weight / yards per skein / #of skeins / colors and intended project (when it gets one). I also calculated my total skeins in Stash, total Stash yardage and I then converted yards into miles. I have approximately 12,693 yards of yarn in my Stash and that is about 7.212 miles. That represents 52 skeins of yarn, and 32 of them are sock yarn, enough for 21 pairs of socks.

When my Christmas knitting is done, I have a lot of socks to knit.

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