Monday, August 22, 2005


Dishcloths. Simple and quick to knit up. This is what I've been doing this past week to keep my hands busy while watching TV with DH.

All of these dishcloths are patterns found on The Dishcloth Boutique.

The bottom left one with the green, purple, tan, and white colors was made using the King Charles Brocade pattern on pg. 4. The Bottom right one with the multiple blues, is the Alex's Cloth pattern on pg. 3. The top left one that is solid blue, is the Baby Fern Stitch pattern on pg. 3. And, the one in progress (the cream color) is the Double Diamond pattern found on pg 1. This one is turning out to be my favorite so far.

The multi-colored ones didn't photograph very well, I couldn't get even a semi-decent pic of the King Charles Brocade one, but I got an okay pic of the Alex's Cloth, below.

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