Wednesday, May 28, 2008

TROLL!!!!!! In the dungeon!

I am working on another pair of socks. I haven't really had the urge to work on anything else but socks lately. The latest pair to be cast on is the Diagonal Cross-Rib socks pattern from IK's Favorite socks book. The yarn I'm using is discontinued Regia Strato in color # 5740, otherwise known as Troll. I took a lot of pics of my sock in progress, but in the end it came down to either choosing either a pic that showed the color off well or one that showed the stitch pattern well......I choose one that showed off the yarn colors.

Last week I finally finished a pair of socks that were intended to be a Mothers Day Present for my Mom. I cast on for those on May 3rd, and worked my ass off on them, but I only made it to just past the gusset on sock #2 by Mothers Day. So I took my time working on them and finished them on May 20th. I totally forgot to get a pic of them finished, too. It was the Anniversary Socks pattern , again from IK's Favorite socks book, and I used KP gloss sock yarn in Parsley.

How's test knitting Ornette going? Well, I'm working the right sock, and it's going really well. I've worked the foot and now I'm just waiting for the last part of the pattern to be given to us test knitters so I can knit the toe and get started on the left sock. When that happens I'll post another pic of the finished Right sock. I really have loved this process of test knitting, and I can't say enough how wonderful this pattern is. I already have plans to knit another pair using something from my stash with more yardage so I can make the leg portion longer than I can with the STR. Did you ever think you'd ever see me post about wanting to make a sock cuff/leg longer ? LOL :)

BTW- I just counted, and Ornette and Troll are my 6th and 7th pairs of socks in 2008. Not too bad...

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

A New Picture

There was a break in the rain but it was still cloudy so the pic doesn't have the best lighting. I also need you to ignore my pasty pale skin :)

Enjoy ogling the pretty cables!

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

I Love this Sock

Test knitting for Cookie A's new sock, Ornette, has started, and I'm one of the lucky test knitters!
I'm starting with the Right sock (Right and Left socks are mirror images) and we've been asked to pause at 3 inches, which is where I am. Problem is that I love working on it so I want to keep working on it. But I'm being a good little So, to keep myself in line, I cast on a pair of socks to give to my mom for mothers day. I hope I can get them finished by Sunday. I'll post about them soon. Back to Ornette, I'm using STR lightweight in Rose Quartz, and I'm using 2.5mm dpn's.

The pattern for Ornette will be released in June 2008.