Friday, November 30, 2007

WOOHOO! I'm on a roll.......

But I doubt it'll last long......

I finished another Christmas Gift!!! This sweater is the hooded baby sweater I knit for my niece, Talia. You may remember my model, Floyd. This sweater is a 6 mos size (can you believe Talia will be 4 mos old at the end of December! It still feels like she was just born!). I used 1.5 skeins of Patons Decor yarn in the colorway 'First Spring Varg'. I've gotten to the point with these sweaters that I don't use a pattern anymore, or else I would link you to the one used.

This means that out of the 6 gifts I had to knit, I have 3 down and 3 to go! and one of those 3 is already about 80% done!

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

The #@%&ing Afghan is Finished!

Knit from the center out, I bound off 808 stitches last night. It started by following the Kerry blue shawl pattern and then I decided to change a bit after a while. This small afghan measures 52" on each side. This was a relief to BO. Now, I only have small projects to finish for Christmas, and it all seems SOOOO much more manageable now.

For this afghan, I used Caron Simply Soft worsted in Autumn Red, Bone, and Dark Country Blue. I'm not a fan of the colors, but I know my parent's will love it.

For more pics of this afghan, and so you can see the center portion, you can either look through old blog posts, look on my flickr page , or look in my project page on Ravelry (username: PurpleYarn). I'm having issues with blogger this morning and I'm lucky to have gotten this one pic to

Friday, November 23, 2007

busy, busy, busy.....

Now that Thanksgiving is past, the Christmas Knitting Countdown has begun! Today is November 23rd, and we now have just over a month to complete our holiday knitting. I have recruited DH to help out this year, but still he is only responsible for one gift (lucky Here, I am posting progress pics of some of the Christmas gifts I'm knitting this year. I've already finished a Montego Bay Scarf for one of my sisters, and the Baboon's ass socks I'm knitting for my other sister haven't been worked on at all since my last progress pic posting, I'm not posting a pic of the scarf DH is working on, and I'm also not posting pics of the sweater I've started for my niece Morgan. It just has a few rows done and isn't very interesting to look at yet.
But, anyway......

First, we have a progress pic of the afghan I'm knitting for my parents' gift. One side now measures 50", well, it's a square so each side measures 50". When you consider that I'm only 62" tall, this thing is BIG. And, that also makes me very glad that my parent's aren't much taller than I

And here we have the hooded cardigan I'm knitting for my niece, Talia. I love the way this yarn is pooling. It's Patons Decor in the First Spring Varg colorway, on size US7 needles.

and this one is the new and improved Cardigan for my niece, Laney. I wasn't happy with the old one, so I frogged it and started this one instead. I'm using rev st st for the back panel, the front panels are cabled on a rev st st background, and the sleeves are regular stockinette st.

Everyone, I bid you good luck on your holiday knitting endeavors!

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Progress Pictures

Just a quick posting to show off some progress pics.......

First, we have the afghan I've been working on for my parents' Christmas gift.

and, secondly we have the Baboons Ass socks for my Sister, Jammie's, Christmas gift.

that's all we have today, all I've been working on (knit-wise) lately.